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Project Component Status
Miss Parker Hardware The hardware is up and running. We all enjoy our first batch of 5 Miss Parker devices.
One Miss Parker Plus is also available. One new v1.1 interface board is also running.
There'll be more to come with the Miss Parker v1.1...
Firmware The firmware has reached a quite stable state. MIDI support still needs to be added though.
Software An intuitive project manager is available. This tool can be used in combination with Miss Parker but also supports more devices like the Wavefront (formerly Alesis) Evaluation board; anyone can add support for his own device through use of dynamic libraries. Memory map files, project initialization parameters and themes are also supported now. The Miss Parker Plus extension is supported as well but only for internal AL3201 effect for the time being.
VirtuAL3101 AlkAsm/AlkDisasm These tools are finalized.
AgALag AgALag is being modified to generate also project for the Miss Parker project manager, alpha test is ongoing with the generation of project, beta test is ongoing with the generation of groups.
AlkSim The simulator is available and no development is planned in the near future except for generating the tool reports in pdf.
Some new functionality may be added as the graphical version will come; this graphical version is by the way under development now.


Date News
2006-06-14 A new release of Miss Parker Manager is available. It brings quite some improvement like the addition of some extra layout parameters to the theme definition, IO volume specified in dB and AL3201 preset save in Miss Parker. For more details, read the related release notes.
2006-06-02 A new release (version 1.5) of Miss Parker Plus firmware is available. It now stores AL3201 presets and restores them at boot time. Please upgrade to coming Miss Parker Manager v1.4 to benefit from this feature.
2006-01-29 The Effect list in the Effect Resource page has been updated. It's now automatically generated from the SourceForge CVS archive. There are now more details than before.
2006-01-22 A new release (version 1.4) of Miss Parker firmware is available. It solves stand-alone boot problems (stored project not loading at boot time) when using Miss Parker Plus. Miss Parker without extensions were not affected.
2006-01-15 BOM and value/placement files are available for the 3 PCBs of Miss Parker Plus.
2006-01-03 The bears hibernate during the winter, for Axoris hibernation period is the summer holiday season and the season has been extremely long this year :-)). A new release of Miss Parker Manager is available. It adds a few improvements like grouping of parameters in the slider window and solves a few minor bugs.
2005-06-28 A new release of Miss Parker firmware is available. It solves the problem that projects were not loaded properly at boot time. Miss Parker is now fully functional in stand-alone mode.
2005-06-28 The web site has been migrated to PHP. There's no visible change for the moment but that's the basis for future improvements to the web site. Update your bookmarks...
2005-06-05 A new release of Miss Parker Manager and of Miss Parker firmware are available. On top of quite some improvements, the Manager now also works under Linux.
2005-06-02 The Disto and Wah Miss Parker Manager projects have been updated. The frequency displayed for some of the filters was wrong.
2005-06-01 A new release of assembly codes is available before the next release of VirtuAL3101 as this package brings quite some improvements. Look at the release notes for more details.
2005-05-30 The new v1.1 main board is up and running. It shows an improved SNR compared to the previous version. Picture is available from the Miss Parker details page. Thanks to Marek for providing the boards.
2005-05-07 We used to say we would drink some 1.5 liter "Chimay bleue" for the first Miss Parker prototype running and a 3 liter "Chimay bleue" when our 5 Miss Parker would be running fine with some nice looking PC application. This is what we did before Whity moved to his new house quite some time ago now. The pictures have finally arrived and are available from the links page next to the Chimay link.
2005-04-20 The new interface board has been successfully tested by Whity. This new board will greatly improve the robustness of the potentiometer. They will be much better soldered on the board now. Pictures are available from the Miss Parker details page. Thanks to Marek for providing this board.
2005-04-05 Marek (someone from Poland who wants to build his Miss Parker himself) has launched the production of a few boards of the new Miss Parker v1.1. This version is mainly taking onboard the patches made to the previous ones.
He made some pictures available that can be found from the Miss Parker details. Marek has also sent us some boards for evaluation and debug, thanks for that fruitful collaboration. The Web is really an amazing tool to get to know people all around the world...
2005-03-22 Whity has released the schematics and layout files of the Miss Parker version 1.1. This is mainly a bug fix release including all patches made on the v1.0 hardware. These files have not been yet validated by prototype production so please contact us for latest status information.
2005-03-15 A new release of VirtuAL3101 tool suite is available.
- AgALag can now cope with feedback loops
- AgALag has an improved launch simulation function
- Minor bugs solved in ALksim.
2005-02-07 A new version of the Miss Parker firmware is available (version 1.1). It solves minor display refresh issue under Windows XP and does first basic support of Miss Parker Plus extension board.
A new version of the tutorial is available as well. It now also contains information about the ALksim simulator.
2005-02-05 New schematics are available for Miss Parker. This is what we call Miss Parker 1.1 as it includes some patches made during debug phase but does not include brand new improvements. The schematic of the Miss Parker Plus daughter board is also available.
2005-01-12 The firmware and the Miss Parker manager have been updated to cope with the Miss Parker Plus extension. The files are not yet under CVS but will come soon. For the time being, only the internal effects of the AL3201 are supported.
2004-12-30 Whity has finalized the first prototype of Miss Parker Plus daughter board. The whole thing is working as expected, first time right! Good news to finish the year...
2004-12-13 A tutorial is now available. It helps start working with AgALag and Miss Parker manager. The tutorial will be extended in the near future with a part on the ALksim simulator.
2004-12-13 The 1.1 release of the Miss Parker manager tool is available in multiple forms . The upgrade includes memory map file handling, project initialization parameters handling, themes added and several minor additions and problems solved.
2004-11-13 The 1.3 release of VirtuAL3101 tool suite is available as:
- a Debian package
- a Windows installer setup
- sources in targz and bz2.
2004-11-10 A new release of VirtuAL3101 tool suite is available.
- Minor but annoying bugs have been solved in Agalag
- ALksim has major bugs solved in simulation of INT, AND and OR instructions.
2004-09-14 A new release of the VirtuAL3101 tool suite is available. AgALag can now generate Miss Parker Manager projects. ALksim handles memory map files and two new file formats: decimal and hexadecimal integer ASCII files.
2004-09-09 A new release of the Miss Parker manager is available. This new version allows to use the software with more hardware than the Miss Parker only.
2004-08-13 Agalag and Miss Parker projects are now available for both the disto and the wah effects.
2004-08-13 The Miss Parker firmware and Miss Manager codes are now available from Source Forge. Check out download page for more details.
2004-08-01 New sound samples have been generated with the AL3201 and with some processing on the AL3101. Combined processing has been tested on guitar and SID synthesizer as well. Other AL3201 alone samples have been added and updated.
2004-07-19 Sound samples have been generated with the AL3201 while the AL3101 was in pass-through mode. They can be found from the Miss Parker Plus page. More samples will come soon with a combination of both DSPs.
2004-07-14 The Miss Parker is limited in terms of delays by the use of the AL3101. An easy and elegant way to solve this problem is to use the AL3201 on top of the existing hardware. Here is what's about the Miss Parker Plus concept...
2004-06-12 A mailing list has been created for providing news about the progress in Axoris projects or related. All information to subscribe is in the contacts page.
2004-05-31 Binary packages for Miss Parker manager and Miss Parker firmware have been made available from the site.
2004-05-30 Binary packages for VirtuAL3101 have been made available from the VirtuAL3101 general page.
2004-05-18 The web site has finally got updated. We are now available from
The pages have been updated according to the current status.
2004-05-14 Two new Miss Parker applications are available: a distortion and a wah-wah. Demos can be enjoyed from the Effect resource page.
2004-01-23 The 5 first Miss Parker are up and running. The last volume tuning has been done during a "programming & debug party".
2003-09-10 Further layout updates.
Addition of the "effect resources" page.
Addition of pictures of the first Miss Parker prototype.
2003-09-08 Update for minor mistakes and problems with some browsers.
The Miss Parker and Miss Parker Specification page has been updated.
The first PCB prototypes have arrived today from the factory, more news to follow soon!
2003-08-30 The Axoris web site has been fully updated. The site has been made in text mode with a few links, the aim is to have the information online.

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