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How to contact us?
Just by sending an E-Mail to Axoris info

To get the news from Axoris, you can subscribe to the news mailing list by sending a mail to news.
There's a second mailing list for open discussion about the Axoris projects. You can subscribe to the discussion mailing list by sending a mail to discussion.

To reach the right person directly:
Project Subject Person to contact
VirtuAL3101 Asm/disasm, AgALag Gregor
VirtuAL3101 Simulator Lall
VirtuAL3101 All issues can of course be sent via Source Forge Source Forge
Miss Parker Hardware & low-level firmware Whity
Miss Parker Firmware and Miss Parker Manager Lall
Miss Parker Miss Parker under Linux Gregor
AL3101 effects All kind of asm code and AgALag projects Gregor

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