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The original idea of the MuFFin was to create an open-hardware, open-source, DSP based architecture dedicated to the sound processing. A kind of ultra powerful and flexible computer specialized in the sound treatment.

This computer would have the look and feel of the Digital Multi-Effect available on the market: A 19 inches rack box, LCD display, control wheel, some knobs and buttons.

What a surprise when we discovered that those guys at SoundArt made it real: the Chameleon! The device of our dream was presented on a Website and was available for sales…

We then got the idea of the Miss Parker concept on which we are working now. The Muffin in its original fashion is almost dead; indeed the only competitive edge Muffin would have compared to the Chameleon is the fully open-source approach. The Muffin in a lighter form would still be an option as it could be built on a “collection” of Miss Parker.

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