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The Miss Parker Manager is the PC tool which allows to fully control the Miss Parker.
As all our tools, this tool is available on Windows and Linux operating systems.

It allows the user to do the following things:
  • Download effects in the Miss Parker.
  • Modify all the parameter accessible to the user via sliders.
  • Assign Miss Parker's potentiometer to parameters.
  • Get a detailed view of the input and output level meters.
  • Configure the Miss Parker: peak threshold, input and output volume, ...
  • Upgrade Miss Parker's firmware.
  • Store project in Miss Parker's non-volatile memories.
  • Is suited for all AL3101 enabled devices by means of dynamic communication libraries. The Wavefront AL3101 development board is now supported.

    Future features will include:
  • Store complete projects in Miss Parker's non-volatile memories.
  • Get back this complete projects from the Miss Parker to the PC.
  • Configure the MIDI capabilities.

    Screen shots
    These are some screen shots of the Miss Parker Manager:

    The Miss Parker manager has been updated to deal with the AL3201 on the daughter board:

    For the time being, the AL3201 can only be used with its internal effects. Support for user-defined effects will be added later on; the hardware is ready for this, the software must now follow...

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